Meet the KCA Executive Director

Q&A with Travis Oller, DC, Executive Director of KCA


Why/how did you become a chiropractor, and how long have you been practicing?

I have been treated by a DC since I was 5 years old. If we were hurting and it wasn’t bleeding or broken we went to Jon Smith, DC, in Liberal, Kans. I did not plan on going into Chiropractic. While I was at Kansas State I was working towards a degree in engineering but wasn’t happy. There was a chiropractic college with a booth at a career fair and I stopped and talked to them and then started researching and decided that is what I wanted to do. I’ve been in practice now for almost 17 years.

What is your favorite thing about being a DC, or about chiropractic?

I really love the people that I am exposed to through chiropractic. Both patients and other chiropractors.

What or Who inspires you?

I am inspired by many people in my life. My children inspire me every day to see wonder in the world and be amazed at new opportunities. My wife inspires me to be more kind to the people I interact with. Other DCs inspire me to be a better listener and healer.

Tell us a little about your hobbies, interests, favorite sports, etc:

My most time consuming hobbies currently are home improvement projects. I also like to golfing, cooking, and woodworking. I enjoy watching college football and basketball (GO WILDCATS!) and KC Royals Baseball.

Why was membership in KCA valuable to you? How will you communicate this as ED for KCA?

KCA membership has made me the DC I am today. When I was first opening up my own practice we had a mentorship program and I was paired with Dr. Gary Counselman. He encouraged me to be more involved and looked for ways to include me in KCA functions. I want every DC in Kansas to have the opportunity to either have a mentor or to mentor another DC. We need to know and understand that the DC down the street is not our competition. They are resources that we need to be better at utilizing.

As the new ED, give us an idea of what your first 90 days will look like.

My first 90 days will involve a lot of outreach to member and non-member doctors. I want to know how KCA can best help our members and how to best reach non-members. The bulk of that 90 days will also be during the legislative session so I will be busy at the Capitol working to secure your rights to continue to practice chiropractic as you see fit.

What are your top three goals for KCA in 2018?

  • Increased membership – The Kansas Chiropractic Association runs on member dues and we need your continued support to do the work we do.
  • Increased membership involvement.
  • Increased vendor and sponsor support.

      Anything else you would like to tell us?

      I want the DCs in this state to know that I work for them–members and non-members alike. I’m working daily to promote Chiropractic in Kansas and to support your ability to practice. If you have any questions, concerns, or issues please bring them to me.