Mission and Vision

KCA Mission Statement

The Kansas Chiropractic Association promotes, protects, and preserves the art, science, and philosophy of the chiropractic profession in the state of Kansas. The Association serves doctors of chiropractic by providing a positive vision for the profession. We recognize diversity, yet provide one unified voice in government relations, continuing education, and communications.

The Kansas Chiropractic Association members provide leadership in health care by demanding the highest educational standards, and adherence to the highest moral and ethical standards, thus providing the patients we serve with the best approach to health and wellness available.

As an association, we strive for equality in health care for our profession, thereby earning the respect of the public and fellow health care providers.


KCA Vision Statement

Kansas owns the distinction of having been the first state in the nation to have a chiropractic association and to have a doctor of chiropractic licensing law. Following in the tradition of our predecessors, we, the Kansas Chiropractic Association, are proud to be a dynamic, proactive advocate of chiropractic, the patients it serves, and the doctor of chiropractic. Knowing that chiropractic is 21st Century health care, we work together creating respect, enlightening the public and striving to make chiropractic the gatekeeper of the nation’s health and wellness.

We see the expanding demand for chiropractic requiring an association that promotes the profession, safeguards our rights, and provides exceptional communications and service to the member doctors.

As an association we achieve quality and acceptance in government health programs, private insurance and all panels and boards that affect our profession. As a team we contribute to and reap the rewards of aggressive research, legislation, open communications, education, and service to the citizens of the great state of Kansas.